Do you need a low-cost computer?

We can get you connected for as little as £99.

We want Bristol to be a truly inclusive and connected digital city where everyone who would like a computer at home can have one, regardless of age, income or background. Computers and the internet are a part of everyday life. Access to a home computer helps people stay in touch, connect to public services, improve employment opportunities and encourage further education.

If you are not connected we want to help you get your first computer.

In 2008 we created Bristol Computer Reuse, a citywide project with the aim of making affordable desktop computers and laptops available to individuals and families on low incomes or facing other challenges.

We work with stocks of computers that are no longer required by local businesses and organisations. We refurbish the machines and ensure they are ready to be used by new owners.  The project is supported by our business partners and through it, it is possible to apply for refurbished desktop computers from as little as £99.00 or laptops from £129.00.